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Esame oficialūs ženklų JAsolar, Longi, Canadian Solar, Trina, Sungrow, Huawei, LG, Wallbox platintojai. Siūlome kokybiškus ir patikrintus komponentus – soliarines plokštes, fotovoltinius keitiklius, storage sistemas, konstrukcinius elementus, įkroviklius elektromobiliams, soliarines saugyklas, fasadines soliarines plokštes ir kitus pirmaujančių pasaulio gamintojų įrenginius.


Ilgametė patirtis paskatino mus naudoti tik aukštos kokybės ir ilgalaikius patikimus produktus. JAsolar, Longi, CanadianSolar, Trina, Sungrow, Huawei, LG, Wallbox rodo didžiausią efektyvumą ir yra labai patikimi.

Aukščiausios klasės servisas

Žinome, kad šiandien galima įsigyti viską labai patraukliomis kainomis, tačiau su labai maža pridėtine verte. Tiekiame tik kokybiškus produktus, kurie tarnauja ilgai, puikiai ir patikimai. Savaime suprantama, kad tai apima ir į klientą orientuotą visapusišką servisą.

Logistika ON-TIME

Mūsų logistika yra puikiai parengta – visada žinome, kur yra mūsų prekės, o klientai tiksliai žino, kada gaus prekes. Sandėlyje turimas prekes mes galime pristatyti Vidurio Europoje bet kuriuo adresu per 24-48 valandas!


Renkame užklausas ir galutinių klientų kontaktus, kuriuos jums mielai suteiksime ir užtikrinsime visą informaciją dėl greito kontrakto sudarymo.


Turime didelės talpos sandėlius Vokietijos, Čekijos ir Lenkijos pasieniuose, kuriuose Jums laikome pakankamą atitinkamo galingumo MWp produktų kiekį.

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+420 608 920 516

arba įveskite užklausą internete

Stengiamės savo klientams teikti aukščiausios klasės paslaugas. Jūsų diena taps geresnė!

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Our products

Only the best for our customers
Sungrow - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai
Sungrow - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

Number 1 among global inverter manufacturers and number 2 in the number of inverters installed worldwide in 2019. SUNGROW inverters represent first-class quality. Ideal for commercial and residential installations. Products: selection from a large portfolio of inverters.

Canadian Solar - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai
Canadian Solar - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

One of the best and most famous manufacturers of solar modules, with a Tier 1 rank for a long time and currently No. 3 in the world. Canadian Solar panels are renowned for their high quality of manufacture. Products: poly and monocrystalline panels with halfcut, HiDM, PERC or Bifacial technology starting from 300 Wp+.

LG - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai
LG - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

Globally renowned, top manufacturer of highest-quality solar panels offering the longest product warranty ever: 25 years. Guarantee of up to 90 % performance after 25 years. Ideal for residential projects. Products: monocrystalline panels of the highest quality, 335 to 400 Wp output, NeON2TM, NeON2TM fullblack and NeON2TM bifacial types.

Longi - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai
Longi - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

The world's leading Tier 1 solar module manufacturer with the highest financial rating of AAA. LONGi is a world leader in solar photovoltaic technology, especially with its breakthrough monocrystalline technologies. Each year, it supplies more than 30 GW of high-efficiency solar modules worldwide, which is about a quarter of the global market demand. Products: monocrystalline panels with a black frame and an output of 370 Wp.

JA Solar - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai
JA Solar - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

JA Solar was founded in 2005. The company’s business ranges from silicon wafers, cells and modules to complete photovoltaic power systems, and its products are sold to 135 countries and regions. On the strength of its continuous technological innovation, sound financial condition, well-established global sales and customer service network, JA Solar has been highly recognized by authoritative associations in the industry as a leading global manufacturer of high-performance PV products.

Trina Solar - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai
JA Solar - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

Trina Solar was founded in 1997 by Gao Jifan. As a solar pioneer, Trina Solar helped change the solar industry, rapidly growing from one of the first PV enterprises in China it has become a world leader in solar technology and manufacture.  Trina Solar reached a milestone in 2020 when it listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Wallbox - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai
Wallbox - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

Wallbox is a smart charging company on a mission to liberate the world from fossil fuels. In order to switch to a world powered by renewable energy, transportation has to be electric. By developing state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging solutions for homes, businesses and cities, they evince more efficient, more sustainable ways of using and sharing energy.

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Nanosun - soliarinės plokštės ir keitikliai

Our team

We base our dealing with customers on Christian values
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+420 608 920 516


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Pařenica Sr.

Technical Director
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Senior Sales Agent
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Senior Sales Agent
+420 777 775 306

Balcha, Ph.D.

Senior Sales Agent
+420 722 966 559


Sales Agent & Purchasing Manager
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Sales Agent
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Sales Agent
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Sales Agent
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Sales Agent
+48 660 161 908, +420 775 400 682


Sales Agent
+971 525846979

Aidah Karen

Sales Agent
+420 777 908 744

Havránková, Bc.

Sales Agent
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Sales Agent
+420 774 405 164

Láník, Mgr.

Sales & Project Manager
+420 774 239 343


Sales/Account. Support
+420 735 058 878


PV Project Designer
+420 774 405 752


Sales & Project Support


Technical Manager and Support
+420 774 451 074

Frehiwot (Fre)
Gobena Ing.

Purchasing and Marketing Manager
+420 774 991 427


Logistics & Procurement Manager
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Logistics & Procurement Manager
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Marketing Manager
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Office Manager
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Assistant to the CFO
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Account. Support
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levné solární panely

Team playing well togetherBecause we simply enjoy it

Like employees, like company. We value a friendly atmosphere, without sacrificing professionalism. We are here because we like our jobs. And we also enjoy being together.

solární projekty

Immediate processing of your inquiries“Like a greased lightning”

Rather than idling over a cup of coffee, we act. Your inquiry will be immediately taken on by a responsible account manager who will contact you without delay. In the meantime, we will check the availability of necessary components and then send you a quotation including the delivery date.

konzultace fotovoltaika

Professional consultingExperts available

Nobody knows everything. Neither do we. But we have experts and will be happy to share their expertise in component interoperability and implementation details. And all that in a ‘human’, understandable manner and in your language (with the exception of some Chinese dialects).

rychlé dodání solárních panelů a měničů

ShippingBefore you can say Jack Robinson

We reserve goods for you shortly after completing the purchase order. Thanks to our sophisticated logistic system and filled-to-bursting warehouses, we are able to deliver the goods within 48 hours all over Europe. We work with the best forwarders.

servis solárních panelů

After sale serviceWe are not ostriches

The delivery of goods is not the end for us. We are primarily concerned with your satisfaction as we want you to come back. If a complaint comes, we deal with it fairly without playing dead beetle or sticking our heads in the sand. In addition, we can provide interesting discounts to our regular customers.


A good jobThat is our goal

We work in such a way as to feel we have done well at the end of the day and to be motivated to keep improving each process, knowing that the sun will rise again tomorrow and we want to go on doing what we enjoy.

Added value

We provide a quality and rapid service as well as accurate and timely logistics. We offer training, webinars and technical information from our specialists. We will connect you with new customers.

What we offer

Based on our many years of experience, we offer only high-quality and well-proven products that will serve you for a long time.

What makes us different

We respect Christian values, which are the foundation on which we build our business and professional relations. You can be sure that business with us will always be conducted correctly and fairly.


As we say: Where there’s a will there’s a way.

What clients say about us


Nanosun is a professional, and quick response organization. Wide availability of products, with fast delivery and good prices. They go the extra mile to meet customer and market demands.

Josefa Wachter Austria

Doing business with nanosun was pleasant and very efficient; their consultancy was friendly and professional. Once the payment method was agreed (this was our first purchase from nanosun) the products were delivered as promised, with the delivery time announced one day ahead. The PV modules were properly packed and delivered without any damage to the packaging. We would be happy to order items for our future projects from nanosun again.

Hans Zyfflich

We have worked with Nanosun for more than 5 years and during this time, we have never had a single problem. We are in touch with two account managers Beatrice and David, both of them are 100% dedicated and always find a solution to our needs.

Iliya Elenin - Managing Partner of ELSOL BULGARIA

Perfect service, Thank you NanoSun

Vladimir Todorov

Professionals in the field, fast communication help to choose right solution. Thank you for that!

Inesa Asmantaite

I ordered photovoltaic panels from a supplier. After two months, they just texted to my phone that they were canceling my order. And they stopped communicating by all means. I needed the panels quickly, so I contacted various companies over the Internet. NANOSUN contacted me almost immediately and Dominik Mathaus offered me panels from their stock. And they were for very good prices. As I needed the panels immediately, I paid the amount to NANOSUN's account, and went to collect them from their warehouse the same day. Everyone was very accommodating and obliging, helping me to load the panels and making sure that they would not get damaged during transportation. Many thanks to everyone at NANOSUN for this. My PV power plant is in full operation now and I have verified by metering that the stated characteristics of the photovoltaic panels correspond to reality.

Karel Valenta

The quality of the service is undeniable. Having a great experience with the company and a good collaboration with the sales agent Manuel Rotundo. Delivery of goods to our client was perfect.

Daniella IBRAHIM


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